Huh, it was last week that my PC caught a virus as I had clicked a website link sent from an unknown ID. I was simply traumatized. I had not installed antivirus software I my PC, which had made the situation even worse. The images as all of my writing samples, portfolio, resume, projects, and other important documents quickly started racing through my mind as to top only to make me even more nervous. Thanks to an IT specialist friend of mine who taught me how to remove that virus that I was able to recover my data. I am sharing those steps with you, as they might be useful for you as well. Therefore, the steps are as follows.

Go and buy some popular antivirus software like BitDefender, Norton or Kaspersky. All three are very good in their job. After you install the antivirus software it is recommended to update to the latest virus definitions. After the update run a full scan of your computer. Hopefully the virus will be detected and removed.

If the virus is not detected then you will need to bring it to computer techician.

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